Socio-economic data

Deprivation in Barnet 2015

Barnet is amongst the 50% most deprived local authorities in England. 

Barnet is the 157th most deprived local authority in England, out of a total of 326 local authorities.

In 2010 Barnet ranked 176th which means that over these five years it has become comparatively more deprived and is now amongst the 50% deprived local authorities in England.

Barnet is the 24th most deprived local authority in London. Despite a small increase in comparative deprivation reduction since 2010 when Barnet was the 25th most deprived local authority in, it continues to compare favourably against other local authorities in London.

Read the Summary Report of the 2015 Index of Multiple Deprivation (PDF)

You can find out more about how deprivation is measured in the Indices and how different areas compare by visiting:

The Income Deprivation Affecting Children Index (IDACI) gives the percentage of each area's children living in families claiming means-tested benefits. This percentage can be identified for any postcode' area at the Education and Skills in your area site.