Street lighting and furniture

Street lighting, illuminated signs and bollards

Street lighting keeps our roads safe for those travelling after dusk, so it is in everybody's interests to report faults as they occur.

Report a street lighting fault or problem: email Barnet Lighting Services
Make a note of the: street light reference number (found about 2m above ground), the exact location and provide as many details about the fault/problem as you can.

General street lighting enquiries: please email

If you wish to follow up your report, please contact BLS direct by telephone or email using the contact details shown below.

Barnet operates a Street Lighting PFI (Private Finance Initiative) Contract for all its street lighting, other illuminated street signs and bollards.

The PFI Service Provider is Barnet Lighting Services Limited (BLS).  BLS sub-contracts all the street lighting service to Bouygues Energies & Services (Bouygues E&S), formerly ETDE Infrastructure Limited (ETDE).

Street furniture

Street furniture means anything from litter bins, to guard rails, bus shelters to signposts, from cycle racks to public benches. 

We take great care to ensure our streets are kept attractive and functional, so if you notice any item street furniture has suffered damage, or vandalism, please help us to rectify it by reporting as soon as possible.