Registered historic parks and gardens

The Register of Historic Parks and Gardens of special historic interest in England provides a listing and classification system for historic parks and gardens similar to that used for listed buildings.

The register is managed by Historic England under the provisions of the National Heritage Act 1983

The register aims to "celebrate designed landscapes of note, and encourage appropriate protection”, so safeguarding the features and qualities of key landscapes for the future.

It is hoped that listing sites of special interest will increase awareness of their value and encourage those who own them, or who have a part to play in their protection, to treat the sites with due care, whether this is a question of carrying out appropriate maintenance or making changes to the site.

Historic parks and gardens in Barnet

National list

There's currently 5 registered Historic Parks and Gardens within Barnet:

  1. East Finchley Cemetery and St Marylebone Crematorium (formerly St. Marylebone Cemetery)  Grade II*
  2. Avenue House Grounds (now known as Stephens House and Gardens)  Grade II
  3. Golders Green Crematorium  Grade I
  4. St Pancras and Islington Cemetery and Crematorium  Grade II*
  5. Hoop Lane Jewish Cemetery Grade II.

More information regarding Parks and Gardens of Special and Local Historic Interest can be found on the London Garden Trust Website