Personal licences

Changes to personal licence applications

Due to the Immigration Act 2016, many of the Licensing Act 2003 application forms have been amended.  

Some applications require proof of right to work in the UK.

Read through all application forms and the guidance notes before your submit your application.

Make sure you have all the documents necessary to make a valid application.

Who needs a personal licence

To sell or supply alcohol you need a personal licence, unless a temporary event notice (TEN) has been served.

Eligibility criteria

To obtain a personal licence you must:

  • be over 18
  • live in the borough
  • be authorised to work in the UK

How to apply

You need to submit to us:

The fee is £37

When making your application, please provide us with a contact number so that we can call you to take the application fee by card over the phone.  

Maintenance of your licence

As per the Deregulation Act 2015 as of the 1st April 2015 there is no requirement for a personal licence holder to renew their personal licence.  You would need to notify us if any of the following change:

  • home address
  • name
  • if you require a replacement licence
  • if you incur any criminal convictions

All of these need to be accompanied by:

  • a letter detailing the changes
  • your original Personal Licence documents
  • a contact number so that we can contact you to take the £10.50 fee over the phone

If you are unable to provide these, you will need to give a reason why.


Community Protection (Regulation) Licensing Team
2 Bristol Avenue

Tel: 020 8359 7443