Club premises certificate

Members' Clubs such as working men's clubs and social clubs need a club premises certificate if they want to use the club premises for activities like the supply/sale of alcohol and regulated entertainment for members and their bona fide guests. This is under the Licensing Act 2003.

Club premises certificate

You may need a club premises certificate if you provide one or more of the following licensable activities:

  • the supply of alcohol by or on behalf of the club to, or to the order of, members of the club
  • the sale by retail of alcohol by or on behalf of the club to a guest of a member of the club for consumption on the premises where the sale takes place
  • Regulated Entertainment (by or for members of the club or members and their guests) and/or provision of entertainment facilities

Please note: The Live Music Act deregulates dancing and amplified and unamplified music in certain circumstances. Please see the document Live Music Act for more information.

Who can apply

Only qualifying clubs can apply for a Club Premises Certificate. Some general conditions must be met to be classified as a qualifying club. These are:

  • there must be an interval of at least 2 days between a member's nomination/application for membership and their admission
  • there must be at least 25 members
  • the club must be established and contacted in 'good faith' (this involves consideration of details such as club finances)
  • that alcohol is not supplied to members on the premises otherwise than by or on behalf of the club

There are other conditions that relate to the supply of alcohol. These are:

  • the purchase and supply of alcohol is managed by a committee of elected members
  • no arrangements may be made for any person to receive any commission, percentage or similar payment at the expense of the club with reference to purchases of alcohol by the club
  • no arrangements may be made for any person to derive any monetary benefit from the supply of alcohol to members or guests apart from to benefit the club as a whole

How to apply

There are two ways to submit a club premises certificate application:

To make a paper application you must submit:

  • a completed application form, including an operating schedule
  • a plan of the premises in the prescribed form
  • a club declaration
  • copy of the club rules
  • the fee. This can be paid over the phone by card when you provide us with a suitable contact telephone number
  • advertisement the application in the local press (once and within 10 days of making the application)
  • advertise the application on the premises by way of a light blue notice (displayed of the duration of the 28 day consultation period)
  • send copies of the application form and supporting documents to the responsible authorities

If you apply using the online form you do not have to send a copy of your application or accompanying documentation to the Responsible Authorities.  This will be done for you by the Licensing Team. You must ensure you pay and submit all the relevant documents that accompany your online application electronically and at the time of submitting it to the council.

Objections/representations to an application

Responsible Authorities and other parties can submit relevant representations either for or against the grant of the application during the consultation period. In order for a representation to be considered relevant it must:

  • relate to one or more of the licensing objectives
  • be submitted by a responsible authority, other party or person acting on behalf of another party

Representations can be made to the Licensing Team within the consultation period by letter, email or by submitting the electronic form available.  All relevant representations must explain how you or the people you are representing would personally be affected by the granting of the certificate and how it would harm one or more of the licensing objectives. Please note that anonymous representations cannot be considered.

Guidance on how to make a relevant representation can obtained by contacting the licensing department.


All new club premises certificate applications undergo a 28-day consultation period. Should there not be any relevant representations received by the Licensing Authority after this 28-day period has expired from Responsible Authorities or other parties, then the licence is granted as applied for.

If relevant representations are received from a responsible authority or other parties then the application will be placed before a Licensing Sub Committee who will make a decision to  grant, refuse or amend the application. The hearing will be arranged by the council and will be held within 20 working days starting the day after the end of the consultation period.

Should any party involved in the application process wish to appeal against the decision made by the Licensing Sub Committee, then they can do so by applying within 21 days of the decision being given to Hendon Magistrates by way of an application for appeal.

Certificate maintenance

A club premises certificate once granted lasts indefinitely unless one of the following occurs:

  • the certificate is applied and granted for a limited period
  • the certificate is revoked following a review application
  • the suspension of the certificate by a licensing sub-committee following a review application
  • the club ceases to meet the requirements necessary to be deemed a 'qualifying club'
  • the voluntary surrender of the club premises certificate
  • the certificate is suspended due to the non payment of the annual fee.

If none of the above applies then the club premises certificate will remain in place permitting the activities displayed on the current certificate and the annual fee will be due each year on the anniversary of the grant of the licence. Failure to pay the annual fee when it is due can lead to the suspension of the club premises certificate.

Once a certificate is granted, the club premises certificate holder can apply by way off a formal hard copy application to the licensing authority for:

  • minor variation of a club premises certificate
  • variation of a club premises certificate
  • notice specifying the person nominated to be the holder of the club premises certificate (there is no formal application for this process please make your request in writing to the licensing team)
  • notification of change of details or club rules (there is no formal application for this process please make your request in writing to the licensing team)
  • notification of a change of relevant registered address of the club (there is no formal application for this process please make your request in writing to the licensing team)
  • surrender of a club premises certificate (there is no formal application for this process please make your request in writing to the licensing team)

  Electronic applications can be made via for:-


If you wish to complain about a club that at you believe is either operating without the necessary certificate or are in breach of their current certificate then please contact us via email or in writing.


At any stage, following the grant of a club premises certificate, a responsible authority, such as the police or the fire authority, or other party, such as a resident, may ask the Licensing Authority to review the licence if they consider that the licensing objectives are not being met.

Requests for reviews

The licensing team will determine whether to accept the application based on the evidence submitted, once an application is received.


The licensing register contains details of all our club premises certificates. 


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