Healthy weight in children

0 to 18 years Healthy Weight Care Pathway

The 0 to18 Healthy Weight Care Pathway in Barnet has been revised and was published in 2019.

Services to support healthy weight in children that are available to Barnet residents for free are listed below. GPs, health visitors, school nurses, and other health care practitioners can also provide advice about healthy weight in children. Practical advice about maintaining a healthy weight in children is at: and

Weight management services


XPLORE is a FREE 8-week healthy lifestyle programme for 4-13 year olds, delivered in Better leisure centres across Barnet. The programme, for children and their families, assists children who might be over the healthy weight range to make lifestyle and dietary changes, helping to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Each 8-week programme consists of interactive nutrition workshops and fun physical activity sessions. Sessions run afterschool from 4.00-6.00pm.

GPs, health professionals and self-referrals are all welcome to refer into the programme. For more details on our all programmes, please visit the FAB Hub or contact us at  or via telephone 0208 457 9907 for the Xplore programme 


Programme description

Healthy weight nurses

Provide 1 to 1 support in the home or school.

Sessions cover healthy eating and goals to aim for.


4 to 12 years old.

In the very overweight category (over the 98th centile) or with complex needs.


Primary care and other healthcare professional

Self-referrals / referral by parent (child would be assessed at first visit. Height and weight will be measured).




Duty line

Our duty line is available 5 days a week from 9am to 5pm. Parents and young people can call for support and advice. The duty line will be staffed by an administrator and School Nurse or Health Visitor 

Duty Number Barnet: 0800 772 3110