At Hendon Cemetery and Crematorium we understand the memories you have of a loved one are personal to you and that you will want to commemorate and remember them in an appropriate way.

We offer a wide range of cremation memorials that are designed and produced to the highest standards. We are confident that we have a solution that will work for you whatever your budget.

We recommend you visit our cemetery to help you decide what area and what type of memorial you would prefer. All memorial options are offered on lease terms ranging from 1 to 75 years.

Sanctum Panorama Tower

This polished granite tower is located in the grounds of the crematorium as a centrepiece to the rose garden. Each vault can accept up to three ashes caskets and is secured by a black granite face tablet which has space for two inscriptions.

Sanctum 2000

An above ground vault which is large enough to contain two cremated remains caskets. Each vault has a polished black granite fascia tablet which is large enough for a full gilded inscription and an ornament or photo plaque.

Sanctum 4 Family Niche

An above ground vault large enough to accommodate four ashes caskets, making it a popular choice for families. A choice of two, or three flower vases are available on the base of the product, allowing ample room for floral tributes.

Memorial Barbican

Our memorial barbican is located on the scattering lawn adjacent to the South Chapel. Each plaque can be inscribed with a special tribute to a loved one.

Single Vase Block

Single vase blocks provide a simple but visible memorial for family and friends to place flowers in remembrance of the loved ones. Our vase blocks line the inscribed path which lead to the tranquil lily pond.

Book of Remembrance

Our books of remembrance provide the opportunity for a lasting and personalised dedication to a loved one on a date of your choice. The books are displayed in well-lit glass display cabinets adjacent to the chapels.


We have facilities available for reserve in our new Mausoleum Courtyard. Interment spaces can be reserved at any time, a variety of personalisation options are available. 

For further advice and information, please contact the Cemetery Office.

Choices after a funeral guide

Our experienced and dedicated team are able to offer further advice and assistance on all of the memorial options available. We advise that you speak with our staff before making a final decision.


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